Our Process

Service animals are working animals, not pets; and their personalities as well as their service abilities are individually matched with the handler’s disabilities.

True Blue Dogs service dogs may be trained to provide tasks for individuals, or to benefit a group of individuals associated with and/or living at a facility that provides physical and emotional wellness care.

Individuals wishing to receive a dog are required to complete our 23-page application. Assessment of need by qualified advisors includes advisement from medical personnel, a home inspection, and consideration of the handler’s ability to provide proper care for the animal, including but not limited to daily walks, feedings and veterinary visits. True Blue Dogs will only be placed within 50 miles of the organization’s home office in Woodstock, IL. This is necessary for follow-up lessons and home visits for the service dog team. These, and other significant details are addressed in the application.

A review committee will make the final selection that could determine which applicants receive a dog. The committee’s recommendations are forwarded to the board of trustees for final approval. Once chosen, the handler is required to complete mandatory training to become proficient in the handling and care of their donated True Blue Dogs service dog.

Application Form

Mission Statement:

The specific purpose of our corporation is to perform acquisition, development and training of qualified Service Dogs for public access to assist individuals with disabilities according to the American with Disabilities Act of 1990.