Ways to Donate

With a service dog, those in need of assistance become more independent. Tasks provided by a service dog are often daily activities that many of us take for granted. Imagine not being able to locate medication when it’s needed most. Consider your options if you couldn’t dress yourself, or leave your home without help. Those in need of assistance with such tasks may attain goals they could never before imagine. A person with a disability who has a service dog can live their life more fully because of the support, the loyalty, and the confidence provided by the aid of their service dog.

Your investment in a True Blue Dogs qualified service dog will change a life forever.

Investment Options in support of a Service Dog:                 
Supportive Service - $25,000
Substantial Service - $50,000

Owner-Trained Service Dog program sponsorship:
One-year Family program - $10,000

Donor Options in support of the Care of a Service Dog:

Purchase a Pup - help us purchase quality puppies - ones that show the right personality, pups that can be trained to become a superior assistant dog. Our pups are taught to make everyday tasks that were once challenging for a person in need, become routine for the owner/handler.  A well-tempered pup, one that is ready to learn and eager to please, will succeed - and it all begins with a good dog!
$3,000 donation

Feed our Pups - we fuel our bodies and our minds with nutritious foods to support strong growth and a smart mind, and so must our puppies! Participate in our Feed our Pups program at any of the following levels of giving:

Feed a Pup for a Day: $5.00 donation
Feed a Pup for a Week: $35.00 donation
Feed a Pup for a Month: $155.00 donation                    
Feed a Pup for a Year: $1,825.00 donation

Veterinary Care is most important, especially in the early months of a puppy’s life when healthy growth is so vital to a service dog’s future. Wellness checks and routine boosters are necessary for puppy well being. Can you help us keep a puppy healthy and happy?
$80.00 donation

Puppy Health Insurance is somewhat new for many pet owners. And it’s been proven to be valuable for the investments made to raise a sound, qualified service dog.  As you would invest in the performance of your car, or trained personnel, our service teams benefit from the reassurance of health insurance.

$30.00 for one month
$180 for six months
$360 for one year 

True Blue Dogs is an IRS determined 501(c)(3). All donations are tax-deductable  The more donors we can involve in support of this necessary program, the more people in need can be helped with the qualified assistance of a service dog.

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Recurring Monthly Donation

Mission Statement:

The specific purpose of our corporation is to perform acquisition, development and training of qualified Service Dogs for public access to assist individuals with disabilities according to the American with Disabilities Act of 1990.