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True Blue Dogs works with community groups to raise awareness about our charity and the necessity for quality service dogs through our Community Education Program. With each partnership, we help to increase knowledge of the need for qualified service dogs, as well as legal rights and proper etiquette when engaging a service dog and their handler. By law, each business owner is required to know, follow and educate employees about both Federal and State laws regarding access for persons with disabilities.

True Blue Dogs offers education programs for private business owners, corporate teams, schools, and community organizations. Donations are requested for time and education of your team.

Dine for Dogs ™ offers local restaurants, diners and food stands the benefits of cross promoting for both their establishment and the good work of True Blue Dogs.

Pours for Pups ™ extends the offer to coffee shops, breweries, wineries, bars and distilleries. A chosen dish or drink can be cross-promoted with proceeds earmarked for a tax-exempt True Blue Dogs donation. Or, a partner might opt to participate with proceeds from a day of service, certain hours, or an agreed-upon percentage of sales to be donated to True Blue Dogs.

Mission Statement:

The specific purpose of our corporation is to perform acquisition, development and training of qualified Service Dogs for public access to assist individuals with disabilities according to the American with Disabilities Act of 1990.